Soaring toward a more sustainable future.

From our jets to our offsets to flying on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), JetBlue is an industry leader in proactively decarbonizing our flying. Join us and take your own sustainability efforts up a notch by contributing to replace a portion of your flight's fossil jet fuel with SAF.

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Drastic CO2 reduction

SAF cuts emissions from flying by 80% compared to fossil jet fuel.

Air quality improvement

Particle and sulphur pollution is reduced by 90% and 100%.

Fuel use reduction

SAF decreases fuel use by up to 3%. That's millions of gallons every year.

Join us in accelerating the adoption of SAF.

We see SAF as the most promising pathway to rapid and direct emissions reductions. Today, JetBlue is regularly flying using SAF from Neste out of San Francisco International Airport and from World Energy out of Los Angeles International Airport. Looking forward, we've signed agreements for large scale deliveries of SAF with several other producers as we work toward our goal to convert 10% of our fuel consumption to SAF by 2030. You can help us accelerate these efforts by contributing to replace a portion of your flight's traditional jet fuel with SAF here. 100% of your contribution will apply toward the price premium for JetBlue to purchase SAF.

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We mean (sustainable) business.

A healthy environment is more than a nice goal—it’s crucial for our business and the beautiful destinations you visit. Our goal is to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, and we are setting clear targets along the way. We work with trusted partners to deliver on these targets including CHOOOSE™, a climate technology company.

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